Thursday, 29 August 2013

Impeccable Communication : A secured way to a successful career

Growing importance of spoken English and written English in private sector and multinationals can't be ignored. Good English communication skills are a must to land a good job in good organisation. English being an International language can be very helpful in getting International business and alluring overseas business partners.

It helps in learning and understanding in institutes where instructions are imparted in English language. Since most of the private companies and multinationals operate in English, it is a prerequisite for a potential professional to be well versed in such communication skills, both verbal and written.

Even in government departments where Hindi and regional languages are used , one should be perfect in the language that is being used. English is a visa to English speaking countries for higher education and career. Effective training at International agencies like British Council and USEFI (United States Education Foundation in India) can help in preparation of language exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing Services) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) by participating in spoken English and written English activities and competitions like Essay writing , paragraph writing , debates and speeches, one can sharpen such skills.

We can form language clubs in schools to encourage confidence building and language exercises for interested students. By organising informal discussions and group chats to encourage public speaking, by integrating spoken and written languages as a part of formative activities in the concerned subjects, with the help of the language CD's , standard written material like comprehension , vocabulary building exercise , appropriative dictionaries and lexicons, hypothetical situations and writing thereof, one can go a long way in attaining perfection in the language.

Most of the careers demand the professionals to be confident in expression , spoken and written both , thereof , recruiters look for such indicators in potential candidates. One can easily make a mark for himself if he or she excels in putting his point across his or her competitors and professional hierarchy. A person at a significant designation performs his best in meetings, seminars, discussions, brainstorming etc, when he is comfortable at his verbal disposition with the target audience.

The Early you start, the early you mature into someone who may grab everyone's attention by his verbosity and lexicon.....

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Say it with Style: For New Age Students

"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style. It is the best representation of what a person feels or acts like in the social world we live in today. Who can deny of being ignorant to names like Gucci, Armani and Cavalli, if you are an ardent fashion lover.Clothing, fashion or adornment have become essential parts of the image which youngistaan wishes to portray. The right amount of fashion blended with right amount of styling goes a long way in forming a formidable self concept and building confidence to the core.

Style freedom fashion, good mood, looks beautiful attractive

The school going students view style and fashion as something new or a stimuli to trigger some changes in their lifestyles. They do not overlook the facts that the fashion  is not just a superficial aspect of life but may be very enriching and satisfying. It is a form of self expression and a way to earn transform the moods. Many of the countries just design for the teenagers and don't mind going overboard to win the over. As party culture is catching fast with the school bound youth so are trend setting make overs. They tend to dress up in western , Indo- western, Fusions with appropriate mixes of accessories to accentuate the charm. All formal places, events and institutions have a dress code and it should be strictly compiled to. Fashion and styling is a tool which equips you to wear the right fabric in the right way so as to suit your needs, body types and personalities.

India has seen a boon and gained popularity in the world as a fashion centric nation. Right from the traditional salwar kameez or sarees to churidars, kurtis, the semi-formal way of wearing it over trousers or jeans, capris, anarkalis, and the highly elegant and contemporary style of draping sarees, have found place in India. The best known faces of the International fashion scene, The Haute Couture, reside in India.

To conclude, it is advisable for adventurous fashionable students to choose the dress according to the occasion. In the professional as well as in personal lives, we may come across several situations where we will have to present ourselves as attractive as we can, though we must be sensitive too, to sentiments of other around. The style we wear may decide our fate and strike break throughs in difficult encounters.

Culture & Tradition : The Nation's Legacy

Indian Culture tradition, Nation pride, togetherness in people

Indians showcase varied cultures through beautiful souls,
But remember we stand united with global intentions and common goals.

We are like the Linnet bird, different voices singing the same song,
Indians boost of numerous languages, while sumptuous foods prolong.

Only the difference is in the outer dispositions and moods,
But we are one under the divine roof with one lord and no swords.

No one is black here, no one is white, all same having equitable rights,
Sharing decent camaraderie making our future bright.

We are jubilant performing Classic, Bihu or glamorous Garba,
People enjoy phenomenal faith in Durga Puja and Kumbh ka Mela.

We are rich in traditional arts and crafts,
Indians personify embroidery and metals for drafts.

India sets an example for the whole world to emulate and surpass,
When we pray to God, He is the one to see us across.

He emerges as a divine bird, We are his children still feel alienated,
How can we in his kingdom discriminated.

We all are the Indians and believe in national integration,
Nothing suits us best, Nothing else defines our nation.

Monday, 26 August 2013

OIL CRISIS AND INFLATION : What's the Way out??

                   Do you use Petrol? Are you bothered about its rising prices & wanna do your                                                                          bit?? Then this is meant for you.........

Oil, a non-renewable resource, called fossil fuel, take millions of years in formation and is used by us in the form of petrol, diesel etc. If these resources are not used carefully, then one day cars and motorbikes will be on the verge of extinction. Oil and its derivatives are important for our survival. Crude oil is provided to us by nature where it co-exists with petroleum gas. India's demand for petroleum products is increasing at the rate of 3-4% per annum and to meet the demand , a barrel of average cost of $100 is imported from oil producing and exporting countries(OPEC) like Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The price of the crude oil is escalated further by its refining and marketing later..

Decreasing oil, man diturbed, renewables resources of energy, oil extinction, oil crisis and inflation

One of the main causes of oil related inflation is the increasing refining cost. Since there are only around 25 refining plants in the country, the cost of refining oil is a major factor as it has been on an incline. India's state owned Oil Marketing Companies(OMC's) have been suffering huge loses for the past many years due to subsidised prices of petrol products. Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited(BPCL) , Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(HPCL) are major state owned OMC's. IOC, cairn India, Reliance Industries Ltd.(RIL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation(ONGC) are some of the government and private Indian companies engaged in oil exporation and refining of crude oil.

The major problem is less oil production and the refining costs. Exploring new oil and gas fields while setting up more and more refineries with private partnerships can rectify this problem. The increase in industrial growth will increase the GDP growth and provide more financial channels to support the new oil & gas projects.

Alternate sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy and chemical energy should be used so as to ease the burden on the fossil fuels. Less vehicles should be used by the public as more vehicles imply more consumption of crude oil. People should use public transport for shorter distances rather than their personal vehicles. Carpooling can be of great help in reducing oil consumption. The more use of alternate sources of energy will lead to less use of crude oil. Solar driven vehicles and bicycles should be accepted as healthy & clean substitutes. Lets wake up and strive to fight the crisis in the making.